Talk to Elders

Talk to older adults about opioids (pain medicine or painkillers)

Older adults are at risk for opioid misuse. They may accidentally mix up medicines or take too much of a medicine. You may be able to help keep them safe. If you help care for an older adult, start a conversation about their medicines.

Offer to help them create a written medical record to carry with them.

Having this information written down will be helpful to you, their healthcare providers, and other family members or caregivers. The record can include:

  1. a list of their doctors
  2. medical history (surgeries, conditions)
  3. medicines they take (including dose and schedule)
Offer to help them organize their medicines for the week.

Some people like to use weekly pill organizers that have a compartment for each day.

Provide information on proper storage and disposal of medicine.

Help them find a locking container or cabinet. Help them find a safe way to get rid of medicine they no longer need.