Talk to Children

Talk to children about opioids (Pain medicine or painkillers)

You are an important influence on the children in your life. Talking to children can prevent the misuse of opioids or other medicines.

Talk to young children:
  • Stress that we should only take medicines that our doctors have said it is okay to take. The wrong medicine or too much of a medicine can make us sick.
  • Teach them to ask a parent or guardian before taking any medicine.
Talk to older children:
  • Help them understand that pain medicine can be addictive and dangerous if we take too much.
  • Help them understand that just because a medicine is a prescription or over-the-counter medicine does not mean it is safe for everyone.
Teach a child how to turn down drugs.

You can help a child learn that it is okay to say no to their friends or others who may offer them drugs. Role play or act out a conversation to help them practice.